WebPac provides a well-designed, time efficient, inexpensive and securely managed website for units within the Faculty of Medicine. Each site is compatible with mobile devices and ensures content can be easily managed. WebPac is an all-inclusive service that includes communications support, technical development, training, hosting and maintenance. Benefits include:

• Leverage the strength of the University of Toronto brand and, by having a consistent visual identity, create a more positive experience for visitors to your site.

• Your site will be securely hosted, which means your site will have little to no downtime.

• The websites have been user tested and are the product of wide consultation with faculty, staff and students.

• Your site will follow best practices and be AODA compliant.

• Your site will be responsive and displays well on both large and small screens.

• You will be able to easily update and manage all the content on your site, including your menus.

For more information, please refer to medicine.utoronto.ca/webpac.

Want to see a WebPac website? You’re looking at one! The Discovery Commons website uses WebPac, along with almost 30 other sites including Graduate and Life Sciences Education (www.glse.utoronto.ca) and Obstetrics and Gynaecology (www.obgyn.utoronto.ca). All are based on the design and functionality developed for the main Faculty website, at www.medicine.utoronto.ca.