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Hey there, this message is from your friendly neighbourhood peerScholar team and the team that manages the Portal (Blackboard) here at the University of Toronto.    
Sep 6 / 2017

Discovery Commons suspending online survey creation service

Discovery Commons’ Fluid Surveys license expires September 2017 and we will suspend our online survey creation service until a replacement survey solution has been procured and implemented by the University. Clients who wish to create their own surveys, without the involvement of Discovery Commons must purchase their own account with a survey provider. We do not recommend that any form of high stakes assessment or the collection of protected information be conducted through surveys.
Aug 29 / 2017

Creating an Outlook rule to filter spam

To have emails marked as suspected spam automatically filtered to your Junk mail folder follow these instructions:
Jun 26 / 2017

Phishing Alerts

The University maintains a list of phishing emails that have been reported at
May 23 / 2017