The Lowdown on Laptops in Videoconferenced Lectures

We know, you would rather use your own laptop or other device to present your presentation: you know that it works well running from that device and you're most comfortable using it. Unfortunately, however, the use of laptops or other devices is not supported during videoconferenced lectures, and you must use the lectern PC or a document camera to present your lecture.

These rules have been implemented to ensure the best possible student learning experience, to minimize the occurrence of problems, and to provide acceptable backup plans when problems do occur.  The technology used in these rooms to allow all of the devices, including the cameras, lecturer and student microphones, and computers, to interact with each other is fairly complex, and adding a personal computer to the mix can result in unexpected and undesirable consequences.

We suggest that you make use of the support resources available to become familiar with the equipment in the room, book a visit with a technician to get an overview, or schedule a call or send an email if you have specific questions: