Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I cannot log in with my UTORid?

If your utorid is prefixed with ‘qq’ you have been assigned a temporary utorid that has an expiration of a maximum of ONE year so it is possible that this temporary utorid has expired. If you would like a permanent utorid you should contact your business officer. If you do not have a permanent utorid and have problems signing in you should contact information commons (

Q: I have a presentation that I’m giving to a large group at the MSB and I would like to offer this to participants off-site as well. How can I do this?

Discovery Commons can help you webcast your event using our webcasting unit. While you are presenting to the large group at MSB, off-site participants can view the presentation live at their own PCs and use the text chat function to ask questions. Your off-site participants are given (via advance email) a url to access the webcast site. During the Q and A, the moderator of the live session can read questions that have been sent by off-site participants and answer these along with questions from the live audience. The session can also be recorded and made available online. See an infographic on webcasting here

Q: I have a virus on my system, and now my internet has stopped working.

Infected PCs often attempt to contact other systems on the network to spread the virus. If your PC is detected doing this your IP address will be blocked until the system is cleaned. We advise that you have a Discovery Commons technician assist with the cleanup to ensure the viruses are fully removed. We can also help you re-activate your IP address.

Q: I need help logging into the Teaching Station for my lecture. What do I do?

Using the touch screen, you can log into the teaching station with your UTORid and password. If you do not have access, press the intercom button on the lectern for assistance, or call Academic and Campus Events (ACE) at 416-978-0423.

Q: I need to book a videoconference for a meeting, what details are required to set it up?

To book a videoconference for a meeting, please fill out this form and email it to

Q: I've heard that I should use an encrypted USB drive. What do you recommend?

University policy and established practice require that personal information (PI), if it’s not stored on a secure server, must be encrypted. The use of whole-disk encryption ensures that, if the storage device (like a USB drive or laptop) is lost or stolen, the data on it will be inaccessible and would therefore not be considered to have been exposed by the Information and Privacy Commissioner. For a long time, encrypted USB drives tended to be significantly more expensive than unencrypted ones, which slowed adoption. However, much lower-priced options have become available in recent years. Our recommendation is the Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ encrypted drive, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. These drives are stocked by MedStore.

Q: Is it possible to video conference a presentation from MSB-3153 or MSB-3154 classroom to any of our hospital academies for medical research?

This service is possible, but service charges will apply because of the network connectivity from the U of T campus into the private Ontario Telemedicine Network used at the provincial wide hospitals. The following fees will apply for one-time events:

Ontario Telemedicine Network:

  • Site certification: 50.00
  • Connection fee : 1 hour x 40.00

Faculty of Medicine - Discovery Commons:

  • Video Conference service fee includes technical support with no recording
  • Connection fee : 1st hour x 150.00
  • 2nd hour or more: 75.00

Q: Is the Discovery Commons open after 5pm for students?

Yes, the Discovery Commons foyer (MSB 3172) is available to students 24/7 with their building access swipe card.

Q: I’m finding spam messages or bouncebacks to messages in my Inbox from myself. I know I didn’t send these messages. Why is this happening?

It’s called “spoofing”. Hackers may have gotten your email address from somewhere, and rather than using their own email address to send out Spam, they are using your email address. Unfortunately, there’s very little we can do about this since the mail protocol allows anyone to put anything in the “From: “ field of a message being sent.

Q: My email was working fine before I went on vacation, but since I got back I no longer get email from outside sources in my Inbox. What happened?

You most likely enabled an auto-reply on the UTORid website. Doing this removes a forwarding that’s critical for your exchange account to function with your @utoronto email address. Contact the helpdesk to have a technician assist you with re-enabling the forwarding. To avoid this problem, please use the Outlook Out of Office assistant to notify users of your absence.

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