Faculty Training Video

This 20-minute video provides information on what to expect when you teach in the videoconference-equipped lecture rooms, MSB 3153 & 3154, and TDHSC 130 & 140.

While coming in to the classroom for a training session on the equipment is the best way to become familiarized with the environment and equipment, if you're unable to attend in person, this video will provide you with the information that you need.

Here's what's covered in the video:

  • an expanation of videoconferenced teaching in the MD Program
  • lighting, microphones, cameras
  • getting support while teaching
  • student interaction
  • what we require from you

Click on the play icon to play the training video below. 



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For more information, contact:

Janet Koecher: janet.koecher@utoronto.ca 416 946-3285