Information Security


Classrom Presentation

We can organize custom sessions on information security to meet the specific needs of your program or department, ranging from a 10-minute high-level presentation on how to secure confidential and personal information, to a one-hour hands-on training session on the secure use of ShareFile and Microsoft Office. Click here for details or contact us.

eLearning Module

In 2013 Discovery Commons created an eLearning module called “Information Security Made Easy,” an interactive online module, with a video introduction and 10-question quiz, addressing the many real-life information security challenges & concerns of staff working at the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. Taking no more than 10-15 minutes to complete, it helps to clarify their responsibilities with regard to information security, and describes the systems and tools available to them in order to make confidential data secure. The module, which does not require you to log in, can be found here:

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