Available Portal Organization Alternatives to the Faculty of Medicine - Feature Summary

Alternatives Available

Quercus (Canvas)

Teams (Office 365)

One Drive (Office 365)

Similar Tools



Google Drive/Dropbox

Typical Uses

Teachers working with a cohort of learners

Group of people working on a specific project

A person responsible for one or more files who needs to share them with a group

Common Features



  • Announcements
  • Assignments
  • Calendar
  • Discussions
  • Sharing files
  • Quizzes
  • Web pages
  • Group chat
  • Group emailing
  • Sharing folders and/or files with everyone in the group


  • ·Sharing folders and/or files with one or more people

Sharing Capabilities

  • Different sharing permissions can be determined by the Teacher


  • No sharing permissions - every member on the team sees everything


  • Different sharing permissions can be determined by the Owner


Technical Requirements

  • All users must have a valid UTORid
  • All users must have a valid Office 365 Account
  • OneDrive owner must have a valid Office 365 Account
  • Can share with people using only their email address

Additional Resources




How to Proceed

Submit a request to: discovery.commons@utoronto.ca

Submit a request to: need.team@utoronto.ca

Owners can create and determine access

Can’t decide which is right for you? Please contact the Discovery Commons at discovery.commons@utoronto.ca

CLIENTs moving from BLACKBOARD are responsible for ARCHIVING their Organization content BEFORE AUGUST 31, 2018.