Audience Response System

Note: The ARS described here is only available to the MD Program.

About the Audience Response System 

An Audience Response System allows you to poll students during your lecture and instantly display the cumulated results within your Powerpoint. The system used by Medicine is Turning Point, which allows for a number of different question types, including multiple choice, short answer, and word cloud. When the ARS is used during a lecture, responses from both Mississauga and St. George students will be collected and displayed. Students use their own devies, such as laptops and smart phones, to respond.

Important: We require advance notification if you plan to use the ARS in a lecture. There is a space for this on the form that you submit before your lecture. Technicians need look over your presentation to ensure that it is configured properly and they will set up the ARS session for your lecture.  

Creating Your Own Polling Questions

If you would like to create your own polling questions in your presentation, please do the following to create an account:

  1. Click
  2. In the window that opens, add your email address
  3. Click Create an account. An email will be sent to you (check your junk mail if you don’t see it in your inbox)
  4. Open the email from and follow the instructions to create an account and to download the Turning Point software (PC or Mac). 

Note that you do not require a license code or device ID to finish the account-creation process.

Instructions for creating a new presentation or adapting an existing presentation can be found here: Turning Point Tutorials

Especially useful in the list of tutorials will be Building your Presentation. Note that the instructions for Mac and PC are different, so choose the appropriate one.

Preparing Your Deck for the Addition of Polling Questions by MD Program Staff

If you would like your questions added to your presentation by staff in the MD Program, please do the following:

  1. Plan in advance: staff requires time to format presentations for ARS and cannot accommodate last-minute requests
  2. In your Powerpoint presentation, add a slide where you want the polling question to appear.
  3. In that slide, write your question and the possible answers
  4. Indicate the correct answer by highlighting it in bold, adding Correct after it, or adding an asterisk
  5. Repeat this for every polling question in the presentation
  6. Save your presentation and upload it to the presentation upload tool: Upload Slides

Important: When you upload the presentation using the Presentation Upload tool, indicate in the Special Requests box that you require the questions to be formatted for ARS

Note that Turning Technologies offers polling options other than multiple choice; you can explore those options by creating an account as outlined above, or contact for more information.

Running the Presentation with Polling Questions

Your presentation will be open on the podium and ready to be run at the time of your lecture. A technician will assist you just prior to your lecture.

To run your presentation with the polling questions at the podium, do the following:

  1. Advance through your presentation as usual using the space bar, arrow keys, or right mouse clicks.
  2. When you reach a question slide, polling will automatically open and the number of responses will show on the right side of the banner above the slide. Wait until the indicator shows the number of responses you expect from the class.
  3. Close the polling by pressing the space bar, the forward arrow key, or right mouse click. A graph will display, showing the number of responses to each answer.

The student-responses graph will usually display when the poll is closed.  If it does not display, click the small graph icon in the approximate centre of the banner above the slide to show it (see image below).

NOTE: If you accidentally close the polling, click the green circle with the arrow on the banner (see the image below--it is the 3rd icon on the left) to restart the polling.Turning Technologies Presentation Toolbar
  1. Press the space bar, the forward arrow key, or the right mouse button one more time to show the correct answer indicator (usually a green arrow beside the correct answer).

Click this link to view short tutorials on presenting: Turning Technologies Tutorials

Especially useful in the list of tutorials will be Running your Presentation

Note that the MD Program is not collecting data from presentation polls. If you would like your polling data saved, please indicate this in the Special Requests field of the presentation upload tool ( and it will be made available to you after your lecture.