The University’s contract with Bell for its Centrex lines ends in November 2019, and we are replacing our Bell Centrex lines with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

The conversion to VOIP provides an opportunity for a unit to review its communications costs, as you may discover that some lines are no longer being used or  that your unit is supporting both mobile devices and a landline for individuals, which may or may not be necessary.

VOIP provides a significant cost savings over traditional phone lines, and offers additional features that can be added.  Click here for a listing of features.

It is our STRONG recommendation that you purchase a phone handset for each VOIP phone line your unit orders. A VOIP phone handset eliminates the need for potentially costly computer support technicians in the rare cases where VOIP may fail to operate.  While there is an upfront expense associated with the phone handsets, the typical payback for this upfront expense is less than 2 years (based on the end state cost of the premium VOIP package and the cost of a Bell Centrex line with voicemail).

Discovery Commons is managing a master schedule for Medicine with the University's VOIP team to ensure we can migrate all needed phone lines to VOIP prior to November 2019.  For further information on scheduling your unit's VOIP migration, please contact Tarann Ann Steane at tarannann.steane@utoronto.ca or 647.231.6189.