The Faculty of Medicine is in the process of migrating email accounts for faculty and staff to Office 365. As of December 2018 we have successfully migrated over 3,200 users.  Once on O365, users must use their UTORid and password to access mail.

Migrating our email and calendar over to Office 365 provides the following benefits:

  • Significantly more space 
  • Larger attachments
  • Better synchronization between all of your devices
  • A new web interface (owa) that’s similar to your desktop Outlook program
  • Always up-to-date: you’ll be using the newest version of Outlook all of the time
  • Vastly improved anti-malware.

If you are still in need of having accounts moved over, please contact discovery and provide them your name, email, and UTORid.  Someone will be in touch with you once they have verified your information and eligibility.

For more information on email, click here.