Rules about laptops and software

You must use the lectern PC, the new SMART Podium, or a document camera to present your lecture. Use of laptops or other devices is not supported. A SMART Podium will be standard equipment in MSB 3153 and MSB 3154 as of August of 2011; this is an interactive display that lecturers can use to write or draw on, or to annotate their presentations as they lecture.

SMART podiumThe SMART Podium

These changes have been implemented to ensure the best possible student learning experience, to minimize the occurrence of problems, and to provide acceptable backup plans when problems do occur.

If you use a Mac, you may create your presentation in Powerpoint for the Mac or in Keynote; if you create in Keynote, technicians will convert it to a Quicktime file; the conversion to Quicktime preserves all of the animations and formatting from your original Keynote. It will be tested on the presentation computer in the lecture room before your lecture. Regardless of the program you use to create it, please ensure that your file is sent or uploaded 10 business days before the lecture takes place.

Click the top menu item Presentation Upload to submit your presentations with the new presentation upload application.