Presentation Handouts


About the Presentation Handout

The handout is the printable version of your presentation that will be included in the studetn's weekly printed lecture package.


Preparing Your Handout

When preparing the handout, consider the following:

  1. The handout should reproduce the text slides in your power point presentation, along with graphs, tables, etc.  The students will have these notes with them during the lecture and can make additional notes as needed on them.
  2. Pictures, including histology images, x-rays, etc. do not reproduce well and should not be included in the handout, but will be included in the final version of the presentation that is posted on the course website.
  3. The handout will be printed four slides per page, double sided, in order to reduce paper usage. Complicated graphs or tables will be reproduced in a larger format to ensure that they are readable.
  4. Please be careful choosing background colours, etc. as some of them do not reproduce well in black and white, and may not be readable.
  5. Include your contact information and the statement of conflict of interest.


Sending in Your Handout

Send your handout to for printing.

In order to have a handout included in the students' printed lecture package, the file must be received 7 days before the lecture takes place.

If a handout is received after the deadline, the document will be posted on Blackboard only (ie, it will not be printed for the students).