About the Audience Response System 

Using iClicker

An Audience Response System allows you to poll students during your lecture and instantly display the cumulated results within your Powerpoint. The system used by Medicine is the iClicker, which allows for the integration of responses from a distant site, so that responses from both Mississauga and St. George will be collected and displayed.

Important: We require advance notification if you plan to use the ARS in a lecture. Technicians need to set up an ARS session, connect the distant site, and clicker hardware needs to be brought to the classrooms at both sites in advance of your lecture.


! Notify us if you plan to use the iclickers for a lecture.


  • your name
  • date of the lecture
  • time of the lecture
  • course name

Or include this information when you upload your files using UT Med Files (use the button, Presentation Upload on the top menu).